Kawaii Down Under

For lovers of cute things Down Under

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This community is for kawaii lovers in Australia, New Zealand and near-abouts to connect, swap, chat, trade, share and whatever. You are welcome to place ads for sales, trades, penpals etc. provided you follow the rules. Also, feel free to share your kawaii shopping secrets and latest purchases! The main intention of the community is to bring together kawaii lovers from this side of the globe, to make things like sales, swaps and trades easier and cheaper!


All sales posts must relate to kawaii, cute, japanese etc. items.
Sellers may only post twice per week.
People looking to sell or trade items must provide a link to their feedback.
Only 1 medium sized image may sit outside of the cut.
Moderation of sales and swaps is not the responsibility of the maintainer, buyers, sellers and swappers must settle their own disputes. Known fraudsters and deadbeats will be banned from posting in this community.
You are welcome to make off topic posts or start discussion threads so long as it has nothing to do with selling.

AffiliateKawaii Exchange
A community for those seeking penpals, swappers, etc. of the kawaii sort. If you have pics, scans, graphics and whatnot, feel free to share those a well! All cute things are expected to make an appearance!

Become an affliliate!

If you have a site, store or journal that would be relevant to our community please email me aimee_c (at) ihug (dot)co (dot) nz. We can add your graphics, buttons or links here and also add a link on the journal.